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Angel Armor

Angel Armor

The Truth Snap magnetic plate system from Angel Armor provides advanced handgun, rifle, stab and special threat protection. The two-piece design enables tiered protection from NIJ Level IIIA to NIJ Level III threats, including common rounds from the AK-47, 5.56 and .308. This modular ballistic defense system features two trauma plates: the Truth 47S (0.58 inches thick, available in Hexane Camo Light) and Truth 44S (0.25 inches thick, available in Hexane Camo Dark). Officers can snap the Truth 44S and Truth 47S plates together to create the Truth 308S, providing additional threat protection. A variety of sizes and cuts are available, ranging from 5×8 inches to 10×12 inches. The Truth Snap can be used in conjunction with Angel Armor’s RISE Concealable Armor System or other soft body armor vests.

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