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Back Defender

Back Defender

By Back Defense Systems

If you work uniformed patrol and you’ve got a bad back, here’s hidden relief. If you haven’t got a back problem already, don’t wait for time, age and the load of your duty belt to give you one! The Back Defender by Back Defense Systems is basically an H-harness-type, load-bearing system made to go under your tucked-in uniform shirt and relieve the weight of your gear-laden duty belt. Since it takes so much of the load off, it also allows you not to cinch your belt so tightly, giving you a double benefit. Once adjusted, it’s very steady even while running, climbing and fighting, and if you have to stand or walk for long periods, the difference in comfort factor is tremendous.

I’ll tell you up front it takes time, effort and experimentation to adjust it properly, going through the motions of standing, sitting and weapon presentation, so allow for it, because the payoff is well worthwhile. Thorough instructions and an included DVD are very helpful. Priced at about $200, the cost is less painful than spinal surgery!
By John Connor

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