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Don’t Miss Your Cook’s IWB Holster with Adjustable Belt Clip

Don’t Miss Your Cook’s IWB Holster with Adjustable Belt Clip

Simple in form, Cook’s IWB Holster with Adjustable Belt Clip is easy to miss. But don’t overlook this very functional holster. In fact, it is more than functional; I’m calling it one of the best Kydex holsters I’ve found yet.

Here are the specs from the Cook’s website:

ABS injection molded plastic belt clip, available for 1 1/2″ and 1 3/4” belt widths

Adjustable cant from 0 to 20 degrees

Integrated sweat shield

Sight channel that runs to the top of the belt clip and tall enough to accommodate any aftermarket sights

Adjustable retention with a custom post and screw and flexible spacer

Made of .080 Kydex (but other thicknesses are available)

Retail price of $57.95


These holsters are custom made to fit whatever gun you have and you can even specify a custom ride height. Just follow the instructions on the Cook’s website to let them know what you want.


What’s interesting is I didn’t specify a custom ride height for the S&W M&P Shield .45 you see here but the Cook’s team nailed it on this one. Also, while I like the option of changing the cant, with the Shield I prefer a straight drop and appendix carry. If I’m sitting more than I’m standing I’ll easily and quickly slide the holster and gun around to 4 o’clock, but still in a straight drop.

Other notable features: the sweat shield (which people who comment here seem to love) and the tall, full length sight channel. Both are excellent, thoughtful additions.

Besides the features, the fit and finish on this holster is so good you’d think Cook’s was running a mass-production operation. But it’s a custom rig and it’s done right. Visually, it won’t catch your eye. Functionally, it’s not to be missed.

— Mark Kakkuri

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