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Exclusive: Get A Load Of Remington’s Model 700 Magpul!

Exclusive: Get A Load Of Remington’s Model 700 Magpul!

By Dave Workman

If somebody tells you there’s nothing new under the sun, they haven’t seen the latest incarnation of the legendary Model 700 Remington bolt-action rifle.

It’s the Magpul, and for those who can’t resist going full tactical, this is one enticement that’s been worth waiting for. While other versions of the Remington 700 have proven themselves in the high country, on the African plains, in the deep woods and on the battlefields, the Model 700 Magpul has all the makings of versatility.

There are two introductory chamberings, in .260 Remington and .308 Winchester. This rifle comes with a 22-inch heavy free-floating barrel with 5-R rifling. The .260 is cut with 1:8-inch rifling while the .308 bore features 1:10-inch rifling, both on a right hand twist.

You’ll like the adjustable length of pull that goes from 13 to 15 inches and the synthetic stock has an adjustable comb. Drop at hell is a comfortable 7/8-inch. The carbon steel barrel and receiver are finished with black Cerakote, and the barrel is threaded and there’s a thread protector.

Remington designed this rifle to be a shooter, with a detachable magazine that holds five rounds, a tactical bolt and most important of all, an externally-adjustable X-Mark Pro trigger. It’s designed to break clean and crisp with zero creep, which is a big plus for taking precision shots at paper or live target.

The receiver is drilled and tapped for scope bases and Remington finishes it off with a reinforced polymer Magpul Hunter stock with an aluminum bedding block. It has a rubber recoil pad and spacers to extend the length of pull.

Naturally, Remington produces ammunition that will match up with this rifle perfectly.

There are two .308-caliber loads in the Premier Match series, one topped with a 168-grain MatchKing boattail hollowpoint, and the other with a 175-grain MatchKing BTHP. There’s also one load in the Premier AccuTip lineup with a 165-grain pill. There’s also a .260 offering in the Premier AccuTip with a 120-grain bullet.

A third choice for both rifles is Remington’s Core-Lokt. In .260 Remington, there’s a 140-grain offering, and in .308 Winchester you’ll find a trio of choices. One has a 150-grain Core-Lokt PSP bullet and the other two are both 180-grainers, one with a PSP and the other an SP.

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