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The ONYX IWB is designed for continuous duty concealed carry. These holsters are custom handbuilt using over 30 individual components. The heart of the StealthGear ONYX is its revolutionary VentCore breathable platform, which allows moisture to rapidly dissipate away from the body, leaving you dry and comfortable all day long. StealthGear ventilated holster platforms are built with a combination of synthetic non-moisture-absorbing materials and stainless steel hardware. For more info: (480) 382-2670,


Delta Grip

Ergo Grip
Ergo Grip introduces the Delta Grip for J-Frame revolvers. This injection-molded handgun grip gives the shooter a more natural point of aim, more gripping surface area and better control. The Delta Grip has a rigid core, over-molded with Sarlink TPV and XT texture. For more info: (505) 281-3783,


LG-494 Laserguard

Crimson Trace
The LG-494 Laserguard is a triggerguard-mounted laser sight for Remington R-51 pistols. A front activation button engages Crimson Trace’s Instinctive Activation, which allows the laser to activate as the pistol is held in a natural firing grip. Engineered to match the frame of the R-51, the LG-494 provides 4 hours of run-time. For more info: (503) 783-5333,



Krudo Knives
The KTC54 is a phone case that offers a retractable knuckle knife made from 6061 T6 aluminum with a Titanium blade. For more info: (727) 753-8455,


Visible Radiation Ball

Tactical Revolution

Tactical Revolution’s VRB (Visible Radiation Ball) is a reusable multi-purpose illumination and marking device. Button-activated, it provides omnidirectional illumination through a clear, waterproof shell. Available in various colors, the internal core is the same color as the light it emits for easy device identification. It floats and functions in extreme temperatures, making it suitable for use in almost all situations and environments. For more info: (877) 476-7140,


The Original Vent Covert

Mechanix Wear, Inc.

The Original Vent glove is designed to perform in the hottest weather and minimize heat buildup with a breathable mesh top and fully perforated synthetic leather palm. For more info: (800) 222-4296,


TAP OUT Holster

DeSantis Holsters

DeSantis Holsters introduces its combination plainclothes and duty holster, the TAP OUT. For plainclothes, the holster can be fitted with either a concealment slide or a paddle. Both are adjustable for cant and the slide is also adjustable for height. The TAP OUT system transforms from a plainclothes rig to a high-security level duty holster. The muzzle cover and Slide Break replace the “rail cover” and add an additional level of security. The Plain Clothes Conversion Kit includes one plainclothes paddle, a wave clip and rail cover. The Duty Conversion Kit includes one hood, one Quick Connect Backing and one Duty Hi-Ride Belt Hanger. For more info: (631) 841-6300,




Each Attacoa wallet is sealed with an O-ring to protect contents from water, sand, dirt and dust. It’s made from a water-resistant polymer that allows the wallet to float. Two removable metal clips secure your money and credit cards. This wallet is resistant to RFID signals and includes a built-in compass, pen, tweezers, toothpick, lanyard clip, glass breaker and personal-defense striking edge. For more info: (828) 432-8007,



Disse Gear

All of Disse Gear’s Amerihide belts are handcrafted. They utilize two pieces of high quality leather, which are glued and stitched together using nylon thread. The finished belts are approximately 0.25″ thick. You can choose your exact specifications including size, color, buckle and leather quality. For more info: (888) 854-5605,


Bulldog Limited Edition Pistol

FMK Firearms

The 9C1 G2 Bulldog is built to fit both large and small hands. The barrel is engineered to sit low for point-and-shoot accuracy and reduced muzzle flip. It has a TRUGLO Fiber Optic Sight, an extended stainless steel barrel, Picatinny rail and a Cerakote finish. The limited edition Bulldog features a stainless steel “United States, Semper Fi” medallion. For more info: (714) 630-0658,




The M18 gives 500 lumens from a compact, Milspec Type III aluminum-anodized body. The intuitive tailcap switch lets you choose between momentary or constant on while the side switch not only cycles through 3 output modes, but also glows red when it’s time to change the batteries. A contoured bezel provides an additional defensive tool, and with built-in memory and multiple ways to initiate strobe, the M18 makes an ideal EDC light. For more info: (714) 893-1300,

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