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245 MWG

Buck Knives
The 245 MWG features a 5160 spring steel blade, heat-treated for a Rockwell hardness of 57-58 Rc for excellent shock absorbing properties. It’s BERRY-compliant, IR-compliant and comes with custom Micarta layup handles. The knife features a textured thermoplastic TEK-LOK belt clip. For more info:
(208) 262-0500,


.300 Blackout Ammunition

Subsonic .300 Blackout Elite Performance Match Grade ammunition features a 220-grain Open-Tip Match bullet. The 180-grain 10mm SIG V-Crown Jacketed Hollowpoint is also a new round for hunting or personal defense. Additional offerings include new bullet weights in: 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and premium ball ammunition in 10mm. For more info: (603) 610-3000,


Acreage Bullet Catch

Ocken Co.
The Acreage Bullet Catch is a portable, easy to assemble, durable handgun range that safely stops and traps bullets and debris. All parts are economically replaceable and available to purchase separately. Other options include a custom, marine-grade, water-resistant cover and a set of castors. For more info: (402) 960-1102,


RSTA-II Tripod Shooting System

Ashbury Precision Ordnance
The RSTA-II Tripod Shooting System features a 1.1-pound. RSTA-II Tripod Head with a Rapid Control Handle (RCH). This versatile tripod head provides a positive locking ±35 degree head that can securely hold a 25-plus-pound long gun using a 6 o’clock accessory rail grabber, Pig Saddle or APO AnyPoint Bipod/Tripod Mount. RSTA-II Tripod Shooting Systems offer users a maximum shooting height of 68 inches and collapse to 29 inches using Quick Power Lock leg latches. The RSTA-II Tripod Shooting System uses a Manfrotto 190XPROB alloy tripod base with 3-section legs that collapse into a portable field shooting platform. Variable power spotting scopes are easily mounted on the RSTA-II platform using a 1/4×20 detachable baseplate, or clamped snugly inside the Pig Saddle. For more info: (434) 296-8600,



Crimson Trace
The LG-454 comes with a red or green laser diode and fits onto the triggerguard of the S&W M&P bodyguard .380 semi-auto pistols. Both of the Crimson Trace Laserguard models feature: Instinctive Front Activation, windage and elevation adjustment, and the “Free Batteries for Life” program. After fitting onto the pistol’s triggerguard, the unit is easily and securely locked into place. This laser sighting system aids with quick aiming in low light conditions.
For more info: (503) 783-5333,


Thumb Break Scabbard

DeSantis Gunhide
The Thumb Scabbard fits the FN Herstal FNX-45 Tactical and its thumb break, exact molding and tension device combine for a secure and concealable carry. Belt slots measure 1.75 inches wide. The holster is available in black or tan leather, with or without suede lining, in a plain or basketweave finish. For more info: (631) 841-6300,


Fervor 1250

Steel Will Knives
The Fervor 1250 limited edition dagger features a narrow, stiletto-type double-edged blade made from N690Co steel, which is corrosion resistant and easy to maintain sharpness. Accenting the 6.69” blade is a G10 handle. A rich, handmade Italian leather sheath securely stores the Fervor 1250 dagger. It measures 11.81-inch, full length. For more info: (718) 575-1801,


T3 Holster

Frontier Gunleather
The T3 holster is available for all single- and double-action revolvers and large-frame 1911-style pistols. The fully leather-lined holster is hand-stitched and form fit to your pistol. It comes in a plain finish, with the option for a fancy border stamp or full basketweave hand stamping. For more info: (760) 324-6198,


Flash Hider System

The Flash Hider System (FHS) replaces current static flash hiders with a dynamic component capable of multiple functions. The .223 FHS includes a GT-1 adapter, which enables any one of three styles of flash hider to be installed and hand tightened. The FHS provides felt recoil reduction, diffuses the flash and covers the adapter thread for full protection. The FHS is machined from solid round steel bar stock and made with 1/2-28 threads. For more info:


Sport Hunter Kit

Classic Knife Kits
From absolute beginners to seasoned knife kit enthusiasts, the new Sport Hunter is a perfect project for those who want to build a modern hunting knife. This kit can be fully assembled from included parts; featuring screw-together design and pre-machined 3D G10 handles. Experienced builders can add custom handles and unlimited file treatment. This project is for anyone who wants to build a customized knife. For more info: (877) 255-6433,


BC2 Grip

Recover Tactical

The BC2 grip and rail system for the Beretta 92/96 series of pistols adds a fully functional Picatinny rail to the Beretta and can be easily installed in about three minutes without a gunsmith. The BC2 grip is manufactured in Israel from the same high-grade, glass-reinforced polymer used by many polymer gun manufacturers. The Recover BC2 will not scratch or damage your gun and weighs only 65 grams. The Recover Beretta grip and rail system is currently available in black, desert sand, OD green and digital camo. For more info:


Zero Carry Holster

Zero Carry

Zero Carry creates less bulk in your waistband. Zero Carry’s design hides the bulk of the holster within the gap created by the gun. Zero Carry adjusts to your barrel length, and fits revolvers and automatics (calibers .32 ACP and up). For more info:


Ti Carabiner

TuffWriter Inc.

The Ti Carabiner is made of 6AL4V Grade 5 Titanium, features a height of 3 inches, width of 1.5 inches and a brass swivel. For more info: (480) 329-6105,


Universal Magazine Pouch

SG Tactical
The SG Tactical Universal Magazine Pouch features a pivoting cover for easier access of handgun magazines during the reloading process. The covers can also be kept in the lowered position for competition or tactical uses and can be removed or replaced. It is constructed of polymer material and fits most handgun magazines. For more info: (774) 696-8283,


MXB-Sniper Lite

Mission Archery

The MXB-Sniper Lite crossbow weighs under 6 pounds. It features SyncCam and a Smart Guide Cable Slide to offer ultra-smooth draw cycle for easy cocking and precision cam synchronization that self-centers at full draw. This innovative design results in a user-friendly system that produces consistent nock-splitting accuracy. The Smart Guide Cable Slide alleviates down pressure on the cable and the cams, which results in less torque within the cam system. For more info: (608) 269-2728,


12×50, 15×56 HD Binoculars


Meopta announces new binocular models to the MeoStar line — the MeoStar 12×50 HD and 15×56 HD. These ergonomically designed binoculars feature large HD fluoride objective lenses, which eliminate chromatic aberration and provide image clarity. Multi-stop, twist-up eyecups accommodate all users and are removable for easy cleaning. The MeoBright ion-assisted lens coating delivers 99.7 percent light transmission per lens surface. They are nitrogen purged, waterproof and fogproof. For more info: (631) 436-5900,


Mt. Falcon Eyewear Frame


Mt. Falcon performance eyewear frame is made of TR-90 material, is ANSI z87-rated and has passed Mil-Spec PRF 31013 testing. The Mt. Falcon features an open-bottom frame style to reduce fogging and sheds weight, and also has adjustable, rubber-coated nose and temple pieces to ensure a snug fit. Lenses are crafted in 8-base curvature, which helps protect the eye from sun, wind and debris. For prescription wearers, Tactical Rx crafts prescription lenses offering fully-functional peripheral vision. For more info: (303) 455-3369,

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