VIEVU unleashes ‘Straight Shooter 25’, a No Cost Startup Program for Cops Needing Body-Cameras

Innovative package includes industry-leading LE3 Camera, Software, Warranty and access to Cloud storage. ZERO upfront costs, ZERO hidden cost, IDEAL for public safety budgets.

VIEVU the industry leader in body worn video (BWV) for law enforcement, security, and emergency responders, announces ‘Straight Shooter 25’ designed for agencies needing to capture video evidence from the “Officer’s Perspective”. Priced at $25 per month, Straight Shooter 25 includes the recently released rugged LE3 HD camera, VERIPATROL secure file management software that includes in-car mobile viewing and Free Cloud storage access. There are zero upfront or additional costs.

VIEVU cameras are used in over 3,100 law enforcement agencies including Oakland PD, Houston PD, Dallas PD Atlanta PD, and Phoenix PD. Agencies continue to deploy BWV cameras as studies of police-worn BWV continue to show its benefits. A study of the Rialto PD in CA showed an 88% decline in complaints filed against officers, and a 60% decline in use-of-force.

The LE3 is a highly secure HD video camera designed for law enforcement. The LE3 was built not only to capture the best forensic video evidence possible but also to make operation simple with its large slide on/off switch for easy activation in stressful situations. VIEVU’s accompanying VERIPATROL software exceeds current evidence standards and prevents tampering, editing or deleting video using a FIPS 140-2 compliant file authenticity process. It also prevents unauthorized access if the camera is lost or stolen.

“VIEVU cameras and software deliver an immediate benefit to agencies using our solution. We wanted to create the zero cost startup and easy monthly plan that our customers can budget. We didn’t want law enforcement customers paying scheming and confusing subscriptions with complicating user fees that other companies are providing. The ‘Straight Shooter 25’ is simple and transparent, $25 per month that’s it, “said Steve Lovell, VIEVU President.

Made for Cops by Cops! VIEVU is the leader in body worn video (BWV), providing a secure, high-resolution video cameras for law enforcement, security, emergency medical services and retailers. Built on police experience, VIEVU body worn video cameras are used by more than 3,100 law enforcement agencies in 16 countries. VIEVU received the highest score in an evaluation of body worn video by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. For information please visit

Battle Rifle Company announces new “LE Build to Spec”-
A Custom Program for Law Enforcement and Government Agencies

Seabrook, Texas- Battle Rifle Company announced today that they are releasing their “LE Build to Spec” program on a nationwide basis to law enforcement agencies, providing consultative services, custom rifle builds and training to departments throughout the country to meet the needs in their respective communities.

This unique program gives an agency the opportunity to fine tune a selection of a service or patrol rifle, fill the need of an tactical entry rifle, pick an appropriate short range precision or sniper rifle — all from a single source, all custom built AR style platforms to meet the needs and the demands of the job required to perform in their respective community and all done with quality, value and performance in mind.

Battle Rifle Company sits down with the agency and will provide consultation to choose the best features in a rifle for that departments’ purpose. Emphasis is placed on giving, “More Bang for the Buck” — taking into consideration budgetary restrictions. Choices of things like barrel lengths, twist rates, gas port lengths and barrel profiles are all flexible, as well as a variety and selection of forearm stocks and pistol grips are available at no additional cost. The program is not limited to basic rifles — Specialized rifles like CQB/entry, precision and sniper rifles can be built also at reduced rates under this program in quantities as little as five rifles.

After the department chooses their rifle variants, a sample can be built to their exact specification for the department to test at no cost to the department.

Once a version is approved, Battle Rifle Company will not only build the rifles, but provide training to the officers in the department on maintenance, assembly, disassembly and target acquisition training, as well as armorer training for every 15 rifles ordered — free of charge.

Service after the sale includes 24-hour warranty turnaround service, as well as a local walk-in facility in the Houston area for agencies to provide maintenance and support services. The “LE Build to Spec” program information will be made available in the form of a 4-page color brochure outlining the program to be debuted at SHOT Show 2014.

This program is also available to foreign law enforcement and government agencies under ITAR Compliance.

Battle Rifle Company is a custom builder of AR-style rifles for law enforcement, tactical shooters and government agencies. For more information on how we might be able to build something for you, contact:

Chris Kurzadkowski
1056 Hercules Ave
Houston, TX 77058


The National Tactical Officers Association
(NTOA) Supports the Below 100 Initiative

NTOA trainers working with Below 100 to reduce line of duty deaths to fewer than 100 per year

The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) announce a partnership with the Below 100 Initiative to reduce the annual line-of-duty deaths to below 100, a number not seen since 1944. The Below 100 Initiative, founded in 2010, is based on improving officer safety through education, training and individual officer responsibility.

NTOA Executive Director Mark Lomax commented on the partnership, “The NTOA has long been recognized in the law enforcement community as a powerful resource for officer training and education. Safety is a key component of each and every one of our training courses, in fact, it is the number one priority of NTOA, and so we are proud to support the Below 100 Initiative through our sponsorship of several training presentations.”

The Below 100 Initiative is built on five key tenets to support a culture of officer safety within any department. The program keeps officers aware of key danger zones they face even in the seemingly routine aspects of the job. The tenets are founded on keeping officers safe when driving through seat belt wearing and speed awareness, wearing protective vests, focusing on what is important and always staying alert on the job.

“This is a big step for Below 100 and all of us involved in the program. We are absolutely honored to have the NTOA as a partner,” Dale Stockton, Editor-in-Chief of Law Officer Magazine, added.

For more information on the NTOA or training, visit their website or Facebook page. Visit Below 100 for more information, training and available resources for trainers.


ASP lowers MSRP of Talon batons

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), one of the most respected names in law enforcement products, announced today that it has lowered the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of all of its Talon Disc Loc batons.

Depending on the model (Air or Steel; Cap or Button) and length, the Talon batons now cost between $130 and $150 – down from the previous price range of $165 to $195.

ASP Chairman and CEO, Kevin Parson, PhD, said the move is in an effort to make the Talons more affordable for police officers and law enforcement agencies, most of whom have been forced to severely limit their personal spending or slash their budgets over the last several years.

“We design all of our products based on the wants and needs of law enforcement professionals,” Parsons said. “Whenever possible, we use the same criteria with our pricing structure. It’s part of our commitment to our core mission of ‘Protecting those who Protect’.”

Parsons said both the Talon Steel and Talon Air’s revolutionary Disc Loc technology and innovative features have not changed. The sophisticated yet simple design uses two opposing internal discs that secure each of the baton’s shafts in place to ensure that lockout is stable and secure.

With safety, simplicity and ease of use as the driving forces behind the design, the Talon’s unique features allow police officers and public safety professionals to close the baton without impact, open it in very close quarters and fully service it in the field.

The Talons can be carried in ASP’s new Envoy Scabbards or ASP’s Sidebreak Scabbards and come with a lifetime warranty.

For more information on both the Steel and Air models, visit

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