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Quick Access Gun Safe

Quick Access Gun Safe

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As cops, we’re constantly reminded to protect our sidearm, and are given hours of defensive-tactics training, learning how to maintain possession of our guns in a fight. We continually upgrade to new higher-retention holsters to help ensure our gun stays where it belongs, but what happens when we’re off-duty and have gone home? Where do you put your gun when it isn’t on you, and are you prepared to quickly defend yourself at home?

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Secure In Your Home?

If you have children in the home, you need to keep your firearm secure from your own monsters and their friends. Most states have some type of negligent firearm storage law, which means you’re criminally liable if a kid gets to your gun and hurts himself in your home. Trigger and cable locks are a good way to keep your gun secure from curious children, but do little to prevent it from being stolen — and they sure don’t allow quick access for home defense.

You need to be responsible for your firearm, but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your home-defense plan in the process. As anyone who carries a gun for a living knows: The dangers don’t stop at the front door just because you made it home safely. Every week I read about cases of home invasions where bad guys force entry into a home, knowing it’s occupied. Even worse are the cases where bad guys target a cop’s house.

Are you prepared to deal with this? Is your spouse prepared, especially if you aren’t home at the time?
By John Russo

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  1. Dave Moore S-55 says:

    Most timely wisdom update indeed!

  2. I feel bad for the burglar that tries my place. I shoot to kill, double tap to make sure they are dead.

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