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S.L. Variant Speedloaders

S.L. Variant Speedloaders

I’ve had so many disappointments with revolver speedloaders that I almost passed up testing the S.L. Variants. Others were too loose, too tight; spilled rounds on the ground at the slightest touch, or clutched them like they were welded. I wound up with different speedloaders, which operated differently for each of my revolvers. Even then, some fit poorly.

S.L. Variant speedloaders deliver speed, security, and adjustability. Simply by pushing in and turning the center knob right or left, you can custom fit the spread and angle of their 5-shot model, for example, to work smoothly in a J-frame S&W, a Ruger LCR (both of which I carry), an SP-101, Taurus, Charter Arms or Rossi 5-shot.

Seven different sizes are available to fit small- to large-frame sizes in 5- to 7-shot configuration in .38/.357 to .44 Magnum and .45 AutoRim. Also offered are add-on extended knobs for easier use with gloved hands or in competition. MSRP is $30 to $32.


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