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Speedset Duty Belt/Accessories

Speedset Duty Belt/Accessories

By Dutysmith

SpeedSet duty gear by DutySmith looks so different from your traditional Sam Browne setup it might immediately turn you off, but don’t overlook it! Lighter, far more flexible and adjustable, it’s a huge advance in many ways. The belt is TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), which is light, highly cut and abrasion resistant and non-porous, so it won’t absorb blood or oils. A flexible skeletonized steel rail is inset, providing fast, easy micro-adjustability for the short buckle and accessories, which lock solidly in place with throw-levers on their backs. This gives you 25 percent more usable mounting space, and lets you attach SpeedSet pouches and holders exactly where you want them without even taking off the belt. Also, the upper and lower edges of the belt are soft and flexible so they won’t pinch and bind you when crouching and bending. Your current duty holster and any standard non-SpeedSet accessories will thread on the belt too.

I approached this eval with serious doubts, and ended it with none. SpeedSet gear is Good2Go! The belt’s MSRP is $84.95, and accessories are competitively priced.
By John Connor

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  1. I see plenty of articles on the trend to TPU, which I see the advantages and use several, my question is what is their ‘holster ware’ on the firearm. I have several firearms marked by leather device rubbing, what is expected from longterm use of TPU?

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