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Traffic Safety Gloves

Traffic Safety Gloves


Did you know that officers being struck by cars while standing at the side of the road or directing traffic amounts to one quarter of all deaths in the line of duty? From 2000 through 2009, that was 154 of our fellow officers. A quick look at Active Illumination Reflective Traffic Gloves and you know the two cops who founded Brite-Strike have dodged some cars at night and put real thought into these gloves.

The reflective red octagons on the palms and yellow rectangles on the top of the hand really blast light back at motorists. But beyond that, the reflectors are also semi-transparent pouches which accommodate thin, self-powered LED light strips; two reds for palms, two greens for topside. They’re simple, press-activated to cycle through fast flash, slow flash, steady-on and off, have 35 hours runtime, and cost $12 per set of four red or green LEDs. Our test gloves were comfortable, well made and strikingly visible up to a quarter-mile away. You have to see them — these are real lifesavers. MSRP is $50. For more info: (508) 746-8701,
By John Connor

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