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Carry-Comfort Nirvana?

Just Maybe.

Inside the waistband is my favorite way to carry because it gives me the most comfort and
control — and who doesn’t like that?

Pitbull Tactical

Raising the bar when it comes to the injection molded holster, Pitbull Tactical married the durability of the injection molding process with customization options not commonly found in this type of holster. They offer two holsters: The Bloodline and Bloodline Nocturnal, both of which can be used inside or outside the waistband. And for those of us wanting to carry IWB and still have a light or laser system, the Bloodline Nocturnal Holster lets us do just that.

The Bloodline can be adjusted to varying cants: 0-, 7- and 15-degree, while the Nocturnal version is limited to 0- or 7-degree cants. You can select the sweat guard in Natural (full), Fighting (half) and Full Drop (none), and you’ll receive all the necessary bits and hardware to make adjustments. These different configurations help with a smooth draw and presentation. You get the IWB and OWB clips included, and you can order the Bloodline holster wings to adjust the rise. Want to match your knife sheath? Attach it to webbing on a vest? You can do it, and this holster comes in 12 colors.


Telor Tactical’s Comfort-Air Bodyband Holster builds on the company’s
experience making orthotics, so it’s sturdy, light and breathable and
can also be worn on the chest. Versatile and comfortable — not scratchy.

Bellyband Bonanza

The bellyband concept isn’t new but this approach is. The old ones were scratchy, flimsy, sweaty and all around uncomfortable. None of this is desirable, especially when it comes to a holster. Telor Tactical came from Telor Products, a company manufacturing medical supplies for orthotics, making them already well-versed in comfy, sturdy and breathable products. The Comfort-Air Bodyband Holster isn’t just a bellyband, it’s an everywhere band. You can wear it around your waist for carry at almost any position. Or you can wear it around your chest for a cross-draw. This wrap around rig doesn’t require an additional harness, helping on the concealment side of things and the band is stretchy, which helps in case the shape of the gun or the shooter should change. The medical grade material provides airflow to reduce sweating. If you want to wash it, their products can go right in the washing machine.


StealthGearUSA’s ONYX holster is pliable, sturdy and amazingly light.
It uses their “VentCore” technology so it’s highly breathable while
still protecting the gun from sweat.

Breathe …

I found the StealthGearUSA ONYX holster to be pliable, sturdy and amazingly light.

StealthGearUSA uses a mix of padding, which is then vented by laser-cut, diamond-shape ports; something they call “VentCore.” Because this holster platform is ventilated you can see light through it. Another genius idea is to make the sweat escaping the wearer not “escape” to the gun. They use an “integrated moisture shield” to protect your gun. They also use stainless steel for all the nuts, screws and washers, avoiding the rusting and corrosion you see in some other holsters.

The ONYX is one of the thinnest IWB holsters I’ve seen. When it comes to “printing,” size does matter. But the seemingly delicate construction and size made me unnecessarily skeptical of its durability. I tried to rip it and over-bend it and when I failed I handed it off to someone stronger … and he failed too. We were both impressed at how StealthGearUSA succeeded in making this holster flexible and light yet extremely durable. Their website boasts if you can manage to wear it out, they’ll fix or replace it. I’ve seen the light when it comes to the ONYX. Simply put, this IWB rig is amazing.
By Aimee Grant
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