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Tricked out Trunk Gun
Issue: GUNS Magazine October 2018
Article: SBX-K Stabilizing Brace

Taffin Tests
Issue: American Handgunner September/October 2018
Article: SBX-K Brace

Tactical Showcase
Issue: Shooting Industry August 2018
Article: CZPDW Pistol Stabilitizing Brace

Issue: American Handgunner July/August 2018
Article: SBPDW Pistol Stabilizing Brace

Pistol Caliber Carbine Cool
Issue: GUNS Magazine July 2018
Article: PSB

2018 LE & Tactical Product Showcase
Issue: Shooting Industry April 2018
Article: SB-Mag20 & SB-Sac

Out of the Box
Issue: GUNS Magazine March 2018
Article: SBXK Stabilizing Brace

Issue: Shooting Industry December 2017
Article: New Product Showcase