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Exclusive: Springfield Armory XD-S Mod.2 .45

By Michael O. Humphries

Recognizing that serious CCW users want as much power in as small a package as possible, Springfield Armory developed the XD-S. This polymer-framed pistol combined nearly pocket-sized dimensions with .45 ACP, give shooters the best of both worlds. Never ones to rest on their laurels, Springfield has now released an updated and enhanced version of the pistol, the new XD-S Mod.2.

The new XD-S Mod.2 takes the already great XD-S and makes it even better. Images courtesy of the manufacturer.

The ergonomics of the Mod.2 give you an easier pistol to shoot and handle, yet retains familiar features like the grip safety.

Keeping everything that was good about the original and making it even better, the Mod.2 update delivers a higher-hand position, slimmer slide, improved sights and enhanced gripping surfaces. Like the original XD-S, the Mod.2 is a slim, single-stack .45 ACP pistol with a striker-fired operating system. The pistol can feed from a flush-fitting 5-round magazine or an extended 6 rounder, and has a short, 3.3″ barrel. It weighs in at 21.5 ozs. empty and has a grip width of a mere .975″. The sights are made up of a front sight with either a fiber optic or tritium insert and a rear with tactical-rack ledge.

Compact, handy, yet powerful, the new Mod.2 is a great option for anyone looking for an effective CCW pistol.

Anyone familiar with the original XD-S will have no trouble adapting to the new Mod.2, as all the familiar controls are there. From the loaded chamber indicator at the rear, top of the ejection port to the grip safety, everything you know and love about the XD-S is still there. However, this combines with the upgraded handling characteristics of the pistol to make for a great new CCW option for shooters. It is available with fiber optic or tritium sights, as well as with an optional Viridian red laser unit. MSRP starts at $568.

To learn more about the XD-S Mod.2, click this link: //

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