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Exclusive: Trailblazer LifeCard — .22LR

Tank Hoover

Before everyone gets their panties all knotted up and starts spewing gobbledygook about the choice of a folded-up, single-shot firearm in an anemic caliber, let me make one thing perfectly clear: This is NOT a primary carry concealed firearm, nor should it be considered one. Hell, I know that, and you should too…

What is it then, Tank?

To my way of thinking, the Trailblazer LifeCard is a unique, fun novelty of an idea to add to your firearm collection that could possibly (maybe?) be used as a last ditch effort to defend yourself should you become disarmed of your primary weapon.

The fun James Bond-like idea is pretty cool when you think about it. Being about the same thickness and size of a stack of credit cards, the innovative double-fold design is pretty slick.

Unlocking the latch on one side lets the user pivot the barrel, expose the breech-end, and load a single .22LR cartridge. Lock that side back in place and unlock the other sliding latch to open the “grip” as it locks into place. Manually pull back on the rear bolt to “cock” the LifeCard. Now it’s ready for some fun shooting of the “secret agent” kind.

Some Specs

The LifeCard is 3.375 inches in length while closed, 2.125-inches wide and is 0.5-inches thick. It weighs 7 oz. The barrel, bolt and trigger are made of pre-hardened 4140 steel, while the frame and handle are 100 percent machined billet aluminum. The finish is corrosion resistant Isonite steel/hard coat anodized aluminum.

Relax! Have fun!

So lighten up, have some fun while pretending to be 007 and shoot a Trailblazer LifeCard .22LR single-shot. And afterward, have a martini. Remember: shaken, not stirred!

The Trailblazer LifeCard has an MSRP of $399. For more info go to: //

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