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Make Your Own Indoor Firing Range

Laser Ammo SureStrike Kits Make
Home Practice Easy, Challenging

By Dave Workman

Expanded gun ownership and interest in accurate shooting has a downside: a shortage of places to shoot, especially in urban and even suburban regions.

Where’s a new shooter to go? Indoor shooting ranges are showing up around the country, but not in every community. I’m fortunate enough to live about 15 minutes away from an outdoor gun range where I’ve been shooting for some 40 years. But these days most shooters might consider that a rare blessing, and they’d be right.

Into this dilemma has stepped Laser Ammo, a Great Neck, N.Y.-based outfit with connections in Europe (Sweden) and the Middle East (Israel). Laser Ammo has developed a family of Laser Cartridge Kits designed for use with different firearms, primarily semi-auto pistols and the AR-15 platform. However, there are also SureStrike cartridges for .38/.357 revolvers and adapters for 12- and 20-gauge shotguns!

I’ve seen people use these laser shooting aids, and videos online show how they work. Frankly, if I didn’t have a gun range nearby and a pair of busy reloading presses in the workshop, I’d have a couple of these SureStrike Kits always at hand.

A quick glance at the Laser Ammo website reveals at least eight different SureStrike Kits and they cover the bases for any shooter. Practice defensive shooting, marksmanship for the field or competition and keep up individual training exercises without even leaving the house.

These kits are affordable, too, which is an important consideration. They’re also convenient. It’s like being able to put a private gun range in your home and when not in use, it goes into a closet or on a shelf.

The kits come with reflective targets that can be placed at different locations around a room. Using your own handgun or even AR-15 rifle, it’s possible to go through several drills, dry firing your personal gun. That’s right, this kit is designed to work with your firearm, not some facsimile.

The SureStrike emits a red laser light “shot” safe to the eye. And, just as though you were shooting at a target, you immediately know where the laser shot was placed.

Laser Ammo has a full line of accessories including electronic targets, software and even simulators. There are even packages for law enforcement and military.

There’s another advantage to having a Laser Ammo SureStrike Kit. People using them can develop safe firearm handling skills in the process of improving trigger reflexes, sight alignment and the ability to make quick follow-up shots.

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