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AC-15 Complete Rifle

Aero Precision

The AERO AC-15 Complete Rifle is budget-friendly, ready to operate straight out of the box and can easily be upgraded over time. The AC-15 features an M4 upper receiver with a 16-inch 5.56 NATO barrel made of 4150 chromoly vanadium, a standard M4 Carbine Handguard, an A2 Flash Hider muzzle device, a Magpul MBUS rear sight and an A2 front sight. Its Gen 2 lower receiver has a flared magwell and upper tension screw with a standard AR-15 lower parts and buffer kit, an M4 collapsible stock and an A2 pistol grip. The rifle comes with a 30-round. PMAG. For more info: (253) 272-8188,


Push Draw Concealment Holster

Active Pro Gear Inc.

The Push Draw Concealment Holster from Active Pro Gear Inc. is designed for deep cover concealment of small autos. The pistol rides low inside the pants with the top of the gun level with the belt line. Only the black powder-coated, spring-steel belt clip is visible. To draw, simply push up on the barrel of the pistol through your pants to expose the grip. Straight up cant for a fast draw. For more info: (305) 251-5981,


The Crimson Red CPX-2

SCCY Industries

Both men and women will find the Crimson Red SCCY CPX-2 appealing. Women can coordinate their outfits with the red of the gun while men will associate the color with their favorite sports teams. The Crimson Red SCCY CPX-2 is a compact 9mm pistol with a 10-shot magazine. Like SCCY’s other CPX-2 pistols, the Crimson Red weighs 15 ounces with a barrel length of 3.1 inches and an overall length of 5.7 inches. For more info: (866) 729-7599,


Skinner HTF (Harken Tactical Firearm) Garment Bag

Skinner Sights

The Skinner Harken Tactical Firearm (HTF) garment bag provides a secure way to store or transport a concealed firearm in plain sight. It can hold one long gun (up to 40 inches), two handguns (in removable emergency holsters with a spare mag pouch), a survival knife, a flashlight, three 30-round rifle magazines, eight spare pistol magazines and miscellaneous accessories. The “garment bag” will not attract unwanted attention hanging on a hook in a car or inside a clothes closet. For more info: (406) 531-5113.


Model 10 FCP-SR

Savage Arms Inc.
The Model 10 FCP-SR rifles from Savage Arms are chambered in 308 Win. and feature a threaded muzzle, compatible with most suppressors. A 10-round detachable box magazine is available for these rifles under the company’s L.E. series. The platform is built around Savage’s 110 action and uses a floating bolt head, zero-tolerance head-spacing and precision button rifling. The rifles also feature an adjustable AccuTrigger and the AccuStock bedding system. For more info: (413) 568-7001,


PPQ .45 Auto

Walther Arms

The PPQ .45 Auto is designed for personal protection and recreational shooting. It’s the first true production Walther .45 Auto and has the Carl Walther signature quick defense 5.6-pound. trigger to improve accuracy and allow precise follow-up shots. Equipped with traditional front and rear slide serrations to improve handling, the PPQ .45 has three separate safeties for secure handling on the range or when carried concealed. Accessories can easily be mounted on its mil-spec Picatinny rail. The PPQ .45 has an overall length of 7.4-inch, a magazine capacity of 12 rounds and a polygonal rifled 4.25-inch barrel. Like all other PPQ models, it features fully ambidextrous controls. For more info: (479) 242-8500.


1911 Skull Recoil Spring Plug

Wicked Grips

The Skull Recoil Spring Plug for the 1911 is part of Wicked Grips’ new line of small 3D gun parts. A combination of modern manufacturing and old world hand finishing, each part is meticulously crafted to give a hard edge and flair to the 1911. For more info: (810) 412-4037,


The Commander

Cabot Guns

The Commander is an incarnation of the 1911, but designed for concealed carry. Featuring a bobtailed frame, the Commander disappears when holstered and leaves no snag-points at the rear of the frame to “print” or catch the wearer’s clothing upon draw. Like other Cabot guns, the Commander has Black G 10 grips, a precision grade Tristar trigger, and grip-assuring checkering at the front and rear straps. It is manufactured to the same level of precision as Cabot’s other collector-grade guns and finished to aerospace-grade standards. For more info: (724) 602-4431,


Laserguard for Springfiled XD-S and GLOCK 43

Crimson Trace Corporation

The LG-469G and the LG-443G are green diode laserguards from Crimson Trace for Springfield Armory’s XD-S pistol and the GLOCK 43, respectively. Both models feature Crimson Trace’s proprietary Instinctive Activation, a master on/off switch and windage and elevation adjustment screws. The green laser diode is powered by a 1/3N 3V lithium battery. The LG-469G attaches along the pistol’s triggerguard and onto the rail slot on the forward section of the firearm. The LG-443G follows the same design and provides a streamlined fit for secure attachment to GLOCK’s Model 43. Both laserguards are easy to install without any gunsmithing. For more info: (503) 783-5333,


Inceptor ARX


PolyCase introduces its Inceptor line of ammunition featuring injection-molded metal-polymer bullets. Its flagship ARX projectile is a self-defense ammo that transfers energy from the bullet to the target. The ARX is designed to use the bullet’s forward momentum to pressurize and eject liquid target matter from the grooves on the bullet’s ogive. This results in stopping power and terminal performance that exceed many expanding handgun bullets. For more info: (912) 335-5101,


The Walkabout

Galco Gunleather

Galco Gunleather’s popular WalkAbout inside-the-waistband holster is now available for revolvers. Previously for semiautomatic pistols only, the WalkAbout is similar to the Stow-N-Go IWB, but with an attached ammo carrier. It thus offers a grab-and-go solution to the challenge of packing a reload. The WalkAbout’s open top allows for a fast draw, while the reinforced mouth allows a smooth and easy return to the holster. An injection-molded nylon clip secures the holster onto the belt. It carries the handgun vertically, with no cant or angle, making it suitable for both strong-side and appendix carry. Constructed of comfortable premium center-cut steerhide, the WalkAbout fits belts up to 1¾” wide. For more info: (623) 434-7070,


Key Lock 2600KL and 2700KL Safes

Hornady Manufacturing Company

The Key Lock 2600KL and 2700KL feature an exterior housing made of 14-gauge steel with dual internal locking lugs, a 4-point capture mechanism and a spring-assist lid. The two new safes from Hornady exceed ASTM international safety standards for child-, pry- and hinge attack-resistance, lock strength and drop/pick/saw tests. They come with a cable and two circular barrel keys and meet TSA requirements for handgun safety in checked luggage. For more info: (308) 382-1390,


Compact Carry

Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat’s new Compact Carry Pistol (CCP) is an all-purpose 9mm pistol with a magazine capacity of 10 rounds. It has an overall length of 7.6″ and a barrel length of 4″. The CCP can be a contender in defensive shooting competitions or a carry pistol for everyday use. The Compact Carry is built on a professional full-size steel frame for long service life, recoil control as well as the ability to use a full-size magazine. An aluminum one-piece bulletproof magwell enables easy reloads. For more info: (870) 545-3635,


Sneaky Pete Holsters

Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete Holsters has expanded its product choices by creating a new material: camouflage. The Camouflage Nylon Holster is made from the same high-quality ballistic nylon as other Sneaky Pete models. It’s available in a wide variety of size options. For more info:


A-2 Dual Carry 

MTR Custom Leather LLC

The A-2 Dual Carry is an inside the waistband (IWB) holster that converts to outside the waistband (OWB) by simply taking off the powder-coated holster clips. When removed, the clips reveal molded belt slots. The clips/belt slots can fit a 1½” gunbelt (two layers) or a 1¾” regular belt (one layer). The A-2 Dual Carry uses the finest bull hide and hardware to ensure durability. Its “mouth” is reinforced for easy one-handed re-holstering and to prevent the holster from collapsing while carrying IWB. The holster has one more advantage: Users can tuck in their shirts behind the metal clips. For more info: (336) 879-2166,

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