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No Excuse!

No Excuse!

I recently heard an officer’s rather liberal girlfriend questioning him about why he always has to carry a gun with him everywhere they go. She believed if they were assaulted and a bad guy saw her boyfriend had a gun, they’d be hurt worse. Wait, it gets better. If her boyfriend didn’t have his gun on him, they’d simply be robbed and not hurt! It’s this kind of bleeding-heart, head-in-the-sand belief that continues to breed sheep to feed the predators.

Once you’ve worn a badge, you can’t help but bristle at this way of thinking. After years of seeing countless victims wounded or killed for no reason by sociopaths, we know there’s no guarantee a robber won’t turn into a murderer. No guarantee one of these desperate sickos won’t hurt you simply because they get off on it.

You should always be ready, willing and able to defend yourself with any means possible. This is why we train in self-defense, martial arts and especially situational awareness. More importantly, why shouldn’t you be prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones with your firearm? As a cop, you’ve earned a great right to carry a concealed gun — anywhere. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that? Or is your head in the sand, too?


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  1. I really liked Officers Survival by John Russo. His closing statement “I like to Educate any Family members I can on this subject” ie; Firearm safety.
    Has been my wish as well. I like my children and now their child have been taught firearm safety. I can be assured they will know how to use them but handle them with care and only for what they are intended for protection hunting and range shooting .
    It is bad they dont receive this course

  2. TripWire says:

    Great article,,,, I would like to correct the author though: you didn’t earn the right to carry a concealed weapon because you have a badge, you earned the right, and the responsibility if you choose to excercise that right, by being a citizen of the United States. Not meant to critize, just sayin…
    (To clarify, that right is currently being supressed by one state and DC but the right still exists)

  3. Mike Mireles says:

    I agree that it is a huge responsibility to carry a gun etc. but it is also a huge responsibility to make sure that a former “customer” (that is what they are called in Kalifornia by some people) does not recognize you and hurt you or your family because some stupid liberal was uncomfortable around guns. Drop that GF before she screws you up Sir. Good article with loads of good information.

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