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Web Blast Extra: Eating Light?

Illuminating Lumens


Here’s even more flashlight goodies. We had too
many to fit on our printed pages!


By Suzi Huntington


lights 1


The HD Torch from Bushnell is a very unique LED light. The beam of light is square-shaped instead of round. The light emitted within the square is equally bright from edge to edge, corner to corner — no halo effect. The HD Torch is made from aircraft-grade aluminum is 9.2″ long, weighs about 9.8 ounces, is waterproof and will put out 165 lumens for around 90 minutes using two CR123 batteries. This light costs around $95 and the batteries and a lanyard are included.
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lights 2


Streamlight’s MicroStream is a handy key ring or shirt pocket light to have when everything else has crashed. Think of it as your emergency back-up, back-up. This 20-lumen LED can run for up to 1.5 hours on one AAA battery, is corrosion and water resistant, weighs only a hair over an ounce, is about 3.5″ long — and it’s very simple to use — push the tail cap for on or off. It comes in cop-friendly matte black and will only set you back about $25.

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I know, the thought of having a light bungeed onto your forehead brings visions of dorks and geeks to mind, but bear with me. Having worked on the Commercial Enforcement Unit, crawling around under big-rigs and inspecting them, I can assure you these lights are worth their weight in gold — allowing the user to keep both hands free to inspect or fiddle with the task at hand. Here are two good options: the one on the left is from Streamlight, called the Enduro. It’s a 14.5-lumen (on high) and 6-lumen (on low) LED that’ll run way longer than you’ll ever need for a truck inspection on two AAA batteries. If you don’t like the fashion-forward elastic head strap, you can just clip the light onto a baseball cap. Cost is around $20.

The headlight on the right is from Nightstick and is part of their NSP-2200 series. It’s a multi-LED headlamp that can give you up to 89 lumens (in dual-light mode) for a bunch of hours. It runs on three AAA batteries and comes in either black or orange. The back of the light is contoured so you get a better fit against your forehead and you can adjust the tilt angle of the light. Cost is around $22.

For more info: Streamlight,; Nightstick,


lights 4


A couple of really interesting lights from First Light USA; the Liberator GP (top) and the Tomahawk MC. What I like most about the Liberator is it allows you to get a rock-solid two-handed grip on your gun, eliminating the need to cross your wrists to hold your gun in one hand and a light in the other. The Liberator puts out a peak brightness of over 100 lumens and can run for about 90 minutes on two CR-123A lithium batteries. There are three brightness levels and the light can be operated in constant or momentary on via two thumb switches on top of the handle. And the handle is adjustable for Mongo-sized paws down to petite flower hands. There’s a host of other features to this light, so I recommend you check it out on their web site. The Liberator costs around $200.

The Tomahawk MC (for multi-colored) is a compact light that can crank out over 100 lumens of maximum light output on high for around two hours and up to 60 hours at it’s lowest setting, on two CR-123A lithium batteries. Although not shown in this picture, the Tomahawk comes with a detachable finger loop you put your index finger through to really help you maintain a solid grip on the light and still have full use of your hand. The attached belt clip is also Molle-compatible. Light controls can easily be accessed and cycled through by the thumb switch on top of the handle, behind the head. This light is about 3.5″ high by 2.5″ long and weighs about 5.7 ounces. Cost is about $210.

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