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Web Blast Extra: Officer Survival

New Gear: Shopping For Officer Safety

By John Russo


Serious Business

It’s that time of year again. Christmas isn’t just for the kids — how about us grownups? Maybe I’m using that term loosely. I know you like your gadgets and toys as much as I do, so here are some great new items to help you get the job done and are just plain cool. If you happen to leave this visible to your spouse, maybe you won’t get coal in your stocking this year.


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Continuing To Light The Way

Surefire is known for making great lights. They continue this tradition with several new lights including the Z2-S, which is there first strobe light. This baby has 160 lumens with a 2-hour run time on two of the little 123A batteries. Also new is the M3LT Combat Light, which is the LED version of the venerable M3. This light is truly something. It features their Turbohead and produces 400 lumens of battle ready light for 1.7 hours. Use it on a 70-lumen lower setting and it’ll run for 8.5 hours making it a very versatile light. Surefire has redesigned the X300 with a high efficiency LED producing 170 lumens of light for 2.4 hours, making it one of the brightest handgun lights available. Finally, did you know Surefire makes hearing protection? Their line of EarPro hearing protection is ergonomically shaped to fit inside your ear and allow you to hear normal conversation while still protecting you from dangerous noise. They start at just $13.95 and have attachments to work with your radio com. Once you wear these, you won’t go back to foamies.


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New Kids On The Block

While walking the endless miles of a trade show earlier this year, I stumbled upon CrossTac, a relatively new company in Montana. I was immediately impressed with their Ambi Sling, a single-point sling that allows quick conversion to a two-point sling. It’s made of 1.25″ webbing with a flat bungee section allowing up to 8″ of stretch, providing the ability for strong or weak-side shooting. Coupled with their Ambi Sling Connector, it’s easy to put a single-point sling on any AR. Also check out their Front Sight Picatinny Rail and their D-Belt Tactical Belts. Their products are top notch and made to last.


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Endless Innovation

I’ve been a fan of 5.11 Tactical since before they actually became 5.11 Tactical. I recently discovered the Sabre Jacket, an excellent all-season choice especially when the weather starts to turn. It’s a lightweight, three-layer micro fiber that’s wind and waterproof. It has plenty of pockets, a removable hood and concealable ID panels, perfect for either work or whatever outdoor activity you’re into. 5.11’s newest jacket is the Chameleon Soft Shell. It’s a lightweight polyester bonded soft shell making it wind and water-resistant. It has pullout ID panels and eight pockets. It’s extremely comfortable and great for everyday wear.


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You’re Gonna Love These

OTB (Over The Beach) Boots were originally designed for Navy SEALS and were made (with drain holes) to be worn inside their swim fins so they wouldn’t have to change footwear once on land. They were known for their extreme comfort and durability. OTB makes several conventional models of boots that are equally comfortable and durable. I’ve been wearing the 6″ Tan Bushmaster Combat Boots for eight months now. These boots were designed for Special Forces working in hot climates. They have mesh side panels, which greatly help to keep your feet cool, dual density cushioned foot beds and high traction Vibram outsoles. My feet stay cool and comfy even in hot weather and are my go-to boots when I’m going to spend 12 hours on the range.


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Stylish Peeper Protectors

Wiley X has been making top quality impact resistant eyewear for over two decades. Their eyewear has always been known for being able to take a hit and keep your eyes safe. If you haven’t taken a look at their products lately, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. They realize eye protection is only good if people want to wear it — the glasses have to look good as well as perform. The Black Ops collection includes some of the best looking glasses on the market; you’re bound to find a pair you like. Wiley X is a U.S. Veteran owned organization. These guys who’ve been there and done that are making products for folks who are there and doing that.


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