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Web Blast Extra: Step-Up

How To Make Your Own Stair Step Wall


From The March/April 2010 Reality Check II Column
By Clint Smith


Reality step


Start with a 4’x8′ sheet of plywood — the thicker the gauge, the more durable your barricade will be. Saw it in half leaving two 4’x4′ squares. Lay each sheet flat then simply measure and draw across and down one-foot, four times per sheet so you end up with four “steps”. Cut along your pattern. You’ll now have two full-size stair step walls and two smaller stair step walls. Now measure, draw and cut a one-foot long by 6-12″ high opening along what will be the bottom of the wall. The bottom of this opening should be approximately 6-8″ above the edge of the plywood. Now you’re ready for the braces. For my original 1983-1993 versions I drove angle iron in and bolted the wall to an iron “L”. Currently for the range in Oregon is make semi permanent pipe double L-shaped legs. I bolt an L-shaped pipe bracket to the back of the wall and then weld third pipe to where the bracket pipes meet, making the support leg. I’ve found making this support system makes the walls easy to move, not too heavy and repairs or replacements are a breeze. You can brace your walls however you like, but the key is to keep them mobile for a variety of distances and formats for your range.


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